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Water damage in Arkansas is an all too common occurrence. Record rainfalls in recent years has taken a toll on homes without adequate drainage.  Pooled water in crawlspaces, cracked bricks, bowing walls, sinking concrete, and uneven floors are all signs that your home needs a structural assessment. Get peace of mind knowing your family and home are protected.

You only have one chance to hire the right company.  We’re a local, family owned, faith based structural repair company. We’ve built our reputation on providing the highest quality foundation repair in Little Rock Arkansas and surrounding areas. Born and raised in the area, we know what the climate and soil conditions can do to homes. With  years of structural diagnosis and repair experience we’re confident we can repair and prepare your home for the long haul.

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What We Do…

Foundation Repair

Cracks around doors, windows, and exterior masonry are signs of possible foundation problems. Every crack in your home tells a story about how it has moved, and in what direction. Understanding the condition of your home’s foundation is critical to ensuring the longevity of your biggest investment.

Crawlspace Services

Roughly 50% of the air you breath comes from the crawlspace in your home. A wet and musty crawlspace is a breeding ground for mold and other undesirable conditions.  Rotting wood, pooling water, uneven floors, and foul odors are some of the issues we see in untreated crawlspaces. Crawlspace encapsulation keeps your crawlspace dry and your home’s foundation healthy. 

Exterior Drainage

Standing water around your home’s foundation can lead to major foundation problems. Some older homes are not setup with the exterior drainage. Over the years erosion issues may have changed the slope of water runoff around your home leading to poor drainage. A proper grade and drainage system ensures the integrity of your home for generations.  

Basement Waterproofing

Leaks in your basement are signs your basement is not waterproofed. Older sealants may have failed or your foundation may have shifted. A waterproofed basement is flood ready with strategically placed sump pumps and proper drainage points. Basement waterproofing is another step to ensure the longevity of your foundation.

Our No Surprise 3-Step Process 

  • Call or send an Email – If you call, a live person will answer and set your appointment.
  • Free Assessment  – We come to your home on time, and give you a FREE assessment. You get an onsite quote before we leave.
  • Schedule a Start Date – A date and time is scheduled for your service that works for you.

Client Testimonials

Great services and staff!
I have dealed with other structural companies before and these guys really know what theyou are doing.....I will only deal with them from now on
Dylan Walker
A professional company with hard-working employees.
Zachary Gschwend
I am a professional home buyer, and I have used SSS with Aaron for several years. I am confident that he will shoot me straight, not over price me, and do the correct amount of work needed for each situation. I have recommended other investors to him and they are extremely happy as well. Be careful when searching for structural solutions... you want someone you can trust.
Justin Patterson
I had a really positive experience with this company. Having previously interviewed two other firms this was the third and final quote I was going to entertain.Aaron came out and explained how his team would correct the constant damp problem I had with my basement, pretty much the same as the other two teams had suggested, but his price was a couple thousand less than the competitors and he never tried to Razzle Dazzle me with a swanky sale's pitch, it was very matter of fact and I really appreciated the transparency.They went above and beyond with my job. I explained I was considering encapsulating my crawlspace and he said it wouldn't be necessary for my home but did recommend installing a vapour barrier in the crawlspace, which he would throw in at no extra charge. That is what sealed the deal with me, however this work was the start of a complete remodel and after the basement guy's had been and gone I still had various other trades that would need to remove the existing plumbing, electrics, ductwork etc in the crawlspace, so I asked if they would fix the basement but come back weeks later to install the vapor barrier, and they said yes.Now that is customer service.I was told it was a two day job, and it took two days as planned. The crew hauled away all the debris etc and left the yard and basement as they found it. Within two days I noticed the previously always musty damp odor was fading away.It's only been a week since the job was done but so far I'm really pleased with how everything has turned out and while I hope to never need them again, I would call them before anyone else should I have a similar problem in the future. Would definitely recommend them
Trey Willis
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