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Keep Your Basement Dry

A leaky basement can become a challenging problem to repair.. If you have basement water issues there can be a number of factors contributing to it. Small cracks in the foundation could be letting water seep in. Hydrostatic pressure on cracks or joints can allow water to enter. Cracks in the walls caused by expanding clay soils could lead to water seepage. It can be difficult to pinpoint the cause, but it’s important to get a proper assessment if you’re experiencing water issues in your basement. Putting off basement water problems can lead to costly repairs down the road.  

Interior Basement Waterproofing  

Waterproofing your basement starts on the inside. If water finds a way into your basement it needs to be removed. There are a variety of tools we use to waterproof the interior of your basement.

  • Drainage Systems
  • Sump Pumps
  • Wall Coatings

Interior basement drains consist of a flat panel drain with additional impermeable wall board to help with crack leaking.  This is applied under the concrete slab and directed to an installed sump pump. 


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Exterior Basement Waterproofing  

Exterior basement waterproofing stops exterior water from entering your basement at the source. All the work for an exterior waterproofing is performed outside the home. This form of waterproofing is more labor intensive but can be necessary if an interior fix is not available. This can require extensive excavation around the home to achieve the proper results.

Exterior basement waterproofing provides 4 levels of water defense

  • Moisture Membrane – Your exterior basement wall is covered with a membrane providing protection from the water table and seepage.
  • Dimple Board – A dimple board is installed over the membrane to transport water to the drainage system.
  • Gravel Fill – Instead of filling the wall in with water retaining soil, gravel is placed to relieve pressure and ensure water passage to the footer drainage system.
  • Footer Drain – A drain is laid to insure a complete water discharge away from your foundation.


We can guide you in choosing which basement waterproofing option is best for your unique situation.