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Crawl Space Problems Affect Your Entire Home

Crawlspaces that are improperly maintained become the weak link when it comes to foundation damage. Structural problems like sagging floors, cracked walls, and sticking windows and doors can sometimes be remedied in the crawl space area. Water leaks will typically pool up in your crawlspace leading to rot, mold, and foul smelling air. The good news is whatever type of issue you’re having in your crawlspace you can remedy it.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Most crawl spaces are notorious for being moisture traps. This leaves vulnerable parts of your home’s foundation exposed to prime conditions for wood degradation and mold. Crawlspace encapsulation transforms your crawlspace from a moisture trap to a dry and controlled area. The process involves adding a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier over the ground, walls, and around any support piers. Once the space is protected, a dehumidifier is added to regulate the crawlspace moisture level, guaranteeing a perfect environment for your home’s foundation.


Crawlspace Encapsulation Benefits

  • Improved air quality for your home
  • Structural integrity for your foundation
  • Inhospitable environment for wood-destroying insects (termites)
  • Greater energy efficiency in your home
  • Combating Water Damage in Little Rock Arkansas and Surrounding Areas

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Wood Rot Removal

Wood rot is brought on by excessive moisture and lead to the growth of fungus. There is wet rot, excessive moisture that degrades the structural integrity of the wood. Wood that cycles from wet to dry can become dry rotted. This is a brittle condition that can cause the structural members of your home to degrade or sag. Wood beams, girders, floor joists, sill plates, band boards, and subfloors are all susceptible to wood rot in crawlspaces. If you have wood rot in your crawlspace it’s critical to remove it before it spreads. We remove the damaged sections, replace it, and change your crawlspace environment to prevent future rot conditions.

Crawl Space Drainage

During heavy rains or flooding conditions, there are many ways that water can find its way into your crawlspace. Condensing ground moisture is another common source of crawl space moisture. Regardless of how the water gets into your crawl space, it’s critical to drain the water out. Dry crawl spaces don’t attract mold, mildew, or wood rotting fungi.

● Drain Pipes – Collects water from foundation walls
● Sump Pumps – Removes collected water from an engineered water collection area
● Drainage Matting – Helps water find its way to drain lines

Crawl Space Structural Repair

The need for structural repair in your crawl space can be the result of several factors.

  • Support Spacing – Many crawl spaces are built with supports that are spaced too far apart to properly support the home
  • Sinking Supports – Supports placed on soils that are not strong enough to bear the weight will compress causing the supports to sink.
  • Moisture Damage – Wood damage from moisture is one of the most common reasons you’ll need crawlspace structural repairs.
  • Insect Damage – Termites, carpenter ants, beetles, and other wood loving insects thrive in the environment typical crawlspaces provide.
  • Whatever your issue may be, we can fix it, and create an environment that will keep it from recurring in the future.

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