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Save Your Home with a Foundation Repair

Cracks around doors, windows, and exterior brickwork are common signs of foundation problems.  Foundation problems can be intimidating for homeowners. It’s understandable considering the foundation has a very important job to do. But the truth is, the scope of foundation repairs range from minor to major. It is important to get an accurate assessment of your home’s foundational health as soon as you suspect something is wrong. A proper foundation repair assessment and solution will save your home and save you valuable time and money.

Why Does My House Need a Foundation Repair? 

Good question and there are plenty of situations that lead to a home needing foundation repair.

  • Weather Cycles – Moisture driven by seasonal weather patterns results in constantly changing soil structure under your home’s foundation. During wet weather, the soil expands. When it dries out the soil contracts, over time this back-and-forth expansion and contraction of the grounds stresses your foundation and can lead to settling and cracking.
  • Drainage Issues – Excess moisture can also cause drainage problems. If water cannot find a path away from your home it can lead to standing water around the base of your foundation. Over time it will accumulate and negatively impact your foundation.
  • Soil Profiles – Very few homeowners are lucky enough to build their homes on great soil. In general, expansive soils like clay have a greater chance of adversely affecting your home’s foundation.
  • Plumbing Leaks – A hidden plumbing leak under the slab can wreak havoc. They’re hard to detect and can lead to instability in your home’s foundation.


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Dangers of Ignoring Foundation Problems 

It’s tempting to ignore a crack and trust that your home will be okay. A crack is a symptom of a larger issue that can digress over time.  If your foundation is showing signs of an issue, it’s important to get an accurate assessment. Over time untreated foundation issues can lead to:

  • Structural and Cosmetic Damage
  • Sloping and Cracking Floors
  • Crooked Doors and Cabinets
  • Wall and Ceiling Cracks
  • Broken and or Loose Gas and Water Lines
  • Roof Leaks
  • Home Devaluation