Outdoor Cladding

Outdoor Cladding

Outdoor cladding is the cover added to the exterior walls of your home to make it look stunning and shield the wall surface from wear and tear. There’s a range of options that can allow you to attain virtually any look you want. At Urbanik Surfaces, we can add cladding to your walls to protect them against damage and make your property look more appealing. Our expertise in the business allows us to deliver exceptional results.

Benefits Of Wood Cladding

Here are some of the advantages of choosing timber cladding for your property:


Wood is a lightweight and flexible material. It’s flexible enough to be cut and trimmed to suit any shape or size. Thus, completing a wood cladding project won’t take a lot of time compared to a similar project using another finish.

Structural Protection

The surface of your house can suffer damage when exposed to the elements for a long time. For example, extreme variations in temperature can result in contraction and expansion, which accelerates a structure’s breakdown. On the other hand, wood protects your home from the elements and enhances its overall strength, helping it maintain its structural integrity.


Woods ensures your home remains nice and comfortable, whether it’s summer or winter. The thermal insulation provided by timber cladding keeps your home cool in the hot summer months and stops heat from escaping during winter. In turn, this reduces the amount of energy used by your cooling and heating unit, lowering your energy costs.


Some of the materials used in cladding allow noise to filter into your home. So if you love some peace and quiet, timber is your best bet. Wood cladding absorbs sound quite effectively, preventing external noise from traveling into your house.


Unlike other cladding materials such as concrete and aluminum, wood cladding is cheaper because timber is more affordable. Wood also helps bring down your energy bills, saving you more money.


When well maintained, wood can last for about 60 years. Wood has natural grain patterns that prevent scratches and chips that occur with time from being easily visible. Also, the durability of wood can be enhanced using various preservation treatments, making it resistant to rotting, insect attacks, and warping.


Cladding materials like concrete and steel release carbon emissions into the environment. If you’re environmentally conscious, timber can help reduce your carbon footprint. Wood is a renewable material. It absorbs carbon and can be easily recycled or renewed after use. What’s more, purchasing ethically-sourced timber can minimize the risk of deforestation.

Visual Appeal

Wood cladding can transform the appearance of your home with its timeless style. Plus, it blends perfectly with the environment, creating a warm, appealing visual. There are plenty of wood species you can choose from to achieve the desired look. Some of these develop striking shades as timber ages. Moreover, wood cladding can come with a natural grain texture that showcases curves and knots to provide a one-of-a-kind finish.

Outdoor Cladding Pros

Do you want outdoor cladding for your home? We’re the experts for the job. At Urbanik Surfaces, we’ve done this many times and perfected our process to ensure your project is done right. To find out why we’re the best and get a quote, contact us today: 305.510.0029.

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