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Article provided by: Triad Fire Consultants, Inc.

High Pile Storage Los Angeles

Triad Fire Consultants is known for offering high pile storage Los Angeles reporting and analysis services. Our attention to detail and focus on ethics makes us the best choice when it comes to getting a permit for your business. Call us today or learn more about our services in this website.

To protect the safety of workers, building occupants, as well as actual properties, stricter building codes must be implemented. The international building code addresses different safety issues when it comes to building construction, design, and layout. According to the same standards, high piled stocks or storages must comply with the International Fire Code (IFC). The IFC defines a high storage as a stock of combustible materials that are arranged in closely packed piles such as pallets, shelves or warehouse racks, where the top section exceeds 12 feet or 3658 mm in height. This type of storage also include high-risk commodities like Group A plastics, rubber tires, idle pallets, flammable liquids, and other commodities of the same kind, where the top section exceeds 6 feet or 1829 mm in height. If you want to know more about high pile storage Los Angeles and the building requirements for permission of such kind of storage, check out the services we offer here at Triad Fire Consultants.

When planning a building to include high piled storage, pallet racks, or warehouse shelving, thorough review and study of the different regulations regarding this type of storage must be done so that the establishment does not violate any building code regulations. Inspections and reports must be done accordingly to ensure safety of the space. Triad Fire Consultants is the best place to turn to for your high pile storage Los Angeles needs. We offer a long list of professional services, from site visits and inspections to permitting, high pile reviews, and expert storage report and analysis for different kinds of storage locations.
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